has replaced Metropolitana.

Located in hiostoric building of Rogatka Mogilska on foreground of Bastion V of Kraków Fortress. The building since its creation has been serving a role as a collector of customs duties from producers and merchants wanting to trade in The Royal City of Krakow.

The building of Rogatka Mogilska has been numerously reconstructed, including the recent one in 2008.

Krakow Fortress

In 1847 (one year after Krakow became a part of Austria) Krakow has been inluded into Autrian customs system. A general consumption tax was imposed on goods imported into the city

were collected in Rogatka Miejska. That caused articles of necessity price raise in comparison to the Krakow suburbs, which purpose was to limitate the migration of less wealth people, mostly the rural proletariat, into the city (Krakow was a fortress). Krakow became a closed city and to limit smuggling was surrounded by an excise line, among others on old Okopy Kosciuszkowskie. Along this line there has been set 7 main rogatkas:

  • podgórska
  • mogilska
  • on train station
  • warszawska
  • wrocławska
  • łobzowska
  • zwierzyniecka

And 6 less important (grzegórzecka, rakowicka, krowoderska, czarnowiejska, wolska, rybacka).